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"Złota lira" Międzynarodowy Festiwal Orkiestr Dętych
Majorettes regulations




RYBNIK, 17th June 2016


I. Contest equipment
1) Majorettes group can use traditional march tube or other dancing props (flags, pom-poms etc.) – 1 or 2 for one majorette

II. Contest participants
1) Majorettes groups – 8 to 25 members

III. Age groups
1) Younger group – 7 to 12 years old
2) Older group – age from 13 and more
3) About participation in the group - decide girl’s age achieved this year (the birth year)
4) In each group can participate younger or older girls (3 majorettes maximal)

IV. Discipline
Jury judges two parts of the Contest:
1) MARCH (about 150 m) with the brass band live (in case of bad weather this part of the Contest will be pass over). The groups that arrives without orchestras – will march with orchestra chosen by organizer.
2) SHOW on a platform or on the marked square (minimum size is 12 × 12 m)
a) Show time: minimum – 2’30” maximum 3’30” (time for entrance or going out from platform/square is not included)
b) Entrance and going out must be quick, short and simple – it can’t be the extra choreography part
c) The show time begins when the music starts
d) Part of majorettes choreography must be the march sequence with classic majorettes steps (march)
e) Show ending should overlap with the end of a music composition
f) Part of the show ending must be: salute, bow, head bow, arms motion etc.
g) Show should contain elements with march step as a basic step; other kinds of dances (like for instance disco) are allowed,
h) Using acrobatic elements is forbidden (somersault, shift etc.)
i) Group can’t show arrangement presented in previous contests! (group will be disqualified)

V. Mark criterion
1) Choreography and composition, artistic impression
2) Working with the dancing props - technique (the standard of performance, synchronization, throws etc.)
3) Technique of motion and dance

VI. Suits
1) Keeping basic elements of the traditional majorette suit – suit can not contain trousers, elements of cheerleaders / disco / classical dance suit (except for pom-poms).

VII. Style of a background music
1) We don’t impose suggestions about music bar or rhythm etc. – but music must contain passages witch classical majorettes step
2) Dancing to music like disco etc. is allowed - music in original arrangement or recorded / performed by orchestra

VIII. Declaration cards
1) The Art Director of the Festival decides about qualify to the Contest
2) final term to send declaration card with the list of group members with their age is 15.04.2016 r.
3) Filled declaration cards send by post:
Dom Kultury w Rybniku-Niedobczycach
ul. Barbary 23
44-270 Rybnik, Poland
or by fax: +48 32 433 10 65.
4) The groups that dance to music from CD, must send the music composition (by post or by mail) till 07.06.2016.
5) The organizer has a right to not qualify the group to the Contest - because of the reasons not dependent of the Organizator.

IX. The costs of participation
1) The organizer quaranties meal during the Contest,
2) The groups must settle Festival charge till 07.06.2016 – it’s 120 PLN (=30 Euro)/ group. The charge must be payed into the account:
Dom Kultury w Rybniku-Niedobczycach
Ul. Barbary 23
44-270 Rybnik, Polska
Numer konta: mBank, Oddział w Rybniku
38 1140 1179 0000 2225 3900 1001

X. Awards and distinctions
1) The best group of the Contest receives Grand Prix of the Golden Lyre Festival – the National of Heritage and Cultur Cup - “Golden Lyre”.
2) Jury awards I, II and III place in each group – younger and older. Those groups receive certificates and Festival souvenirs.
3) Rest of the groups receive certificates of participation and Festival souvenirs.
4) In justified cases jury reserves a right to other awards and distinctions division.
5) All protests and comments will be accepted till 10 minutes after each performance.
6) Announcement – on the great Golden Lyre Gala 19th July 2016 in Rybnik. The groups should appear on the Gala.
7) Grand Prix Winner is obliged to show the triumphant choreography during the gala (on organizer request).

XI. More informations:
Phone number: +48 32 433 10 65
E-mail: dkniedobczyce@poczta.onet.pl